Our passion for racing is second only to our life long pursuit of creating outstanding pizza and pasta. Italian racing has a tradition of fusing speed with performance, fiery passion with streamlined precision. And like the qualities that define success in racing, Veloce honours and embodies such tradition, doing things fast without compromising the passion for creating great food.

Nobody knows true Italian food like we do. Growing up with an Italian kitchen and learning first hand the principles and traditions that make food great, really set the standard for our cucina. Fresh ingredients and time-honoured recipes are set against our fast-paced, boisterous kitchen. It’s true that we are impassioned racing enthusiasts and that John actively races. These two passions, for racing and Italian food, fuel our vision for Veloce Pizzeria.

Veloce is the culmination of our 50 years of restaurant experience, having built the successful local restaurant franchise, Armando’s Pizza. No one knows better the importance of creating authentic pizza and pasta while providing exceptional hospitality. We understand that great food requires great ingredients and we’re passionate about providing an exceptional experience. At Veloce Pizzeria, we’ve applied our high standards for quality and hospitality, but in a fast-paced setting where our customers control the clock.

Armando's Pizza has won numerous Best Pizza awards over the years in the highly competitive pizza market of Windsor, and was recently named Best Pizza in Canada at the 2018 Canadian Pizza Summit in Toronto. Additionally, Armando’s Pizza surpassed 60 world-class competitors at the 30th annual International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas to be awarded the 3rd best pizza in the world. Veloce and our customers directly benefit from all these extraordinary efforts.

Rooted in Italian culture and paying homage to speed, precision and a crafted perfection, these iconic moments layer into the restaurant artfully and with distinction. The Italian kitchen is where it all comes together. It’s where family, friends and great food are celebrated. The ambience is special, the service unparalleled, and the flavours remarkable. It’s the true Italian way. Benvenuto!

John Pizzo and Andre Gerardi